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After a long journey of faith, doubt, lost faith, and walking in the dark. I can now say that I’m walking again in faith. I want to thank everyone who has helped me take a deeper look at what I believe- especially those who I’ve dialoged with in this website and had even held many of your positions. I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve decided to seek God again. That is why this blog is now under construction. I’m not really sure what I plan on writing about or if I will even blog. But the overall meaning of this blog was “four rivers”. The four rivers that would connect forming the one river of life or youth that explorars sought after. My journey to the river, to what is true has had it’s ups and downs. What I’ve learned to be important is to always be humble and not arrogant, love and not hate, learn to forgive because it will free you. And for myself I’ve┬ádecided to return to the journey of faith and trust in Jesus Christ. So far it has been rewarding, I’m learning to see my faith and the Bible in a new way. I enjoy praying and finding inspiration in the Bible. I’m repentent of anything I may have said in word or online that may have been blasphemous. I trusth that Christ’s Mercy is bigger than my doubts. This is where the journey has taken me.